OFFICER Executive introduction

We seek to unlock the possibility
inside every individual.

We believe in possibility inside every individuals. Empowering creators through managing projects, were design and quality of wok is difficult to control.

We have worked with game developers, publishing companies, advertising agencies and so on, related with creative work that needs creators skill and passion to deliver epic work.

Essence of epic work is not tangible and is difficult to measure. Understanding of honest long term goals of creators and other stakeholders gives us the best conditions and opportunities to manage and solve project managing problems.

Our mission is about creating environment where everyone involved in the project can commit on what they do best. Drive the project faster and higher to deliver epic design.

Searchfield Co., Ltd.

Naoto Nakayama


Board Member

Regardless of Time or Place
To Make The Creative The Best Business

Corporate Planning Department

Makoto Hasegawa

2008 Started as a director when the Searchfield Co., Ltd. was founded.
Started and in charge of creator supporting services, as director and sales.
2011 Director of the creator support project "GIKUTAS"
2012 Established Social Game Division and appointed division director.
2014 Established Corporate Planning Office and in charge.
2017 Representatives of general management.
2018 Vice President of Director

Providing value to both clients and creators
by understanding their points of view.

GIKUTAS Division Business Management

Hisako Sasabuchi

2011 Joined the company as a first director of the production in the secondary phase of founding.
2014 Director of the Game illustration studio "GIKUTAS"
2018 Appointed Director COO