• Welfare for families
  • Employee
  • Career Support
  • New Corona countermeasures

Welfare for families


To fully concentrate at work family benefits are important.

We have benefits to support families.

※Subject to change due to some internal regulations.

  • Congratulatory and memorial leave

    Marriage vacation (paid leaves) and other special occasion paid leaves.

    Apart from the annual paid vacation Each is possible to apply for a vacation.

  • Congratulatory and condolence money

    Wedding celebration/Childbirth celebration/Condolence money/Sick leave compensation

    We have benefits to support various life events.(cash!)

    Volume of benefits will depend on regulation of each benefits and time worked at Searchfield.

  • Special childbirth vacation

    It is a system where you can get a special vacation (paid) when you give a birth. On top of existing childcare leave.

    Dads can take a leave too.

  • Child nursing special vacation

    Unpaid nursing leave for elementary school kids. You can use the benefits after working at Searchfield for 6 months. (It's a Japanese thing were unpaid leaves are regulated)

    5 days of child sick leave for every child up to 10 days per year. On top of annual paid vacation.

  • Childcare leave system

    Childcare leave for employee who has worked at the company for more than 1 year and child is under 1 year old.

    Childcare leave it used once per every child until child reaches age of 1.

  • Childcare Short working hours system

    Reduced working hours for employees who are raising children under 3 years old and has worked at Searchfield for more than 1 year.

    During working hour reduction period you will receive 75% of basic salary and benefits except for salary supplement.

    Duration of one month or more, less than a year. The prescribed working hours can be reduced to 6 hours from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, Female employees who raise children who are less than one year old can claim childcare time separately twice for 30 minutes.

  • Special nursing care

    You can take nursing care leave(unpaid) for employees who have been enrolled for 6 months or more and are taking care of their families who need long -term care can take 5 days of leave per person apart from the annual paid vacation. If you have two or more family to take care of the upper limit is 10 days per year.

  • Nursing care leave system

    Long term nursing leave(unpaid) for employees who has family to take care of for 2 weeks or more. You can use the leave for maximum of 93 days, 3 times.

  • Nursing care short -term working system

    Reduced working hours for employees who are taking care of family.

    During working hour reduction period you will receive 75% of basic salary and benefits except for salary supplement. The prescribed working hours can be reduced to 6 hours from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, maximum of 93 days per family and can be obtained twice from the date of use within 3 year period.



Everything must be in good mental and physical health.
We have various systems in place to ensure that our employees can work long and healthy lives, including a variety of leave systems.

※Subject to change due to some internal regulations.

  • ITS Health Insurance(Kanto IT Software Health
    Insurance Association)

    We are a member of Kanto IT Software Health Insurance Association. The health insurance is attractive for its health promotion of employees and its excellent recreation facilities.

  • Physical examination(All expenses paid by the company)

    Basic medical check up items are available at full company expense.

  • Influenza vaccine(Partially covered by the company)

    The company will subsidize up to 2,000 yen of the cost of influenza vaccination.

  • Special leave for hospital visits

    Employees who need to make a hospital visit that meets certain criteria can take up to 4 hours of special leave on the day of the hospital visit.

  • Full weekly 2 days off

    Various types of general leave, including paid vacations, are also available.

    You can take every weekend (Saturday and Sunday) as well as summer vacation and year-end and New Year holidays.

  • Refreshment vacation

    For every three years of service, five consecutive working days (non-split) of special leave (paid) will be granted.

  • Birthday vacation

    For employees after their probationary period, Special leave (paid) on the birthday of the employee/child/spouse or partner (boyfriend/girlfriend) is available.

  • Volunteer Leave

    Special leave (paid) can be taken when engaging in volunteer activities.

  • Beauty salon system


    ・BAYROOM by HONEY omotesando https://cm5pft.b-merit.jp/r5G6Hn/web/


  • Management discretionary labor system

    This system is available to employees in prescribed positions and above. Flexible work schedule with core hours from 12:00 to 17:00, subject to meeting the prescribed working hours (8 hours x number of business days) during the month.

  • Welcome lunch for new employees

    At the timing of new employees joining the company, This is a program where they are divided into groups and have lunch with all employees.

    ※Company pays up to 1,000 yen for lunch for new employees.

  • Club activities system

    Many club activities are underway as part of efforts to revitalize employee communication.

    Club employees who are active at least once a month will receive 3,000 yen from the company as a club expense allowance.

    ※The maximum allowance is 3,000 yen even if the student joins or participates in multiple club activities.

  • MVP

    The award is voted on monthly by employees, The award is presented to the employee who was most "appreciated" and "thanked" that month.

    You can choose between a gold envelope or one day of special leave.

  • Coffee break

    This system allows employees to chat with in-house employees for 30 minutes between 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. every day, separate from their break time.

    The maximum number of participants is five, and there is no limit on the number of times. You will be able to interact with many employees.

Career Support


Extensive knowledge and experience are essential to the work.

We have an extensive education system to enable our employees to grow into "human resources" who can play an active role in any place.

※Subject to change due to some internal regulations.

  • New graduate external training program

    For employees who joined the company as new graduates, After joining the company, employees are required to undergo training in business manners, etc. outside the company.

  • Assistance in purchasing books and other materials

    The company will subsidize the purchase of books related to the business.

  • Subsidies for training expenses

    For all employees, The company will subsidize up to 3,000 yen for each seminar that meets the prescribed conditions.

    For management positions, up to 480,000 yen per year is available to attend seminars at the full cost of the company, depending on the position.

New Corona countermeasures


Searchfield implements various measures to protect the health of its valued employees while the company continues to grow.

※Subject to change due to some internal regulations.

  • Some remote working

    Searchfield is currently introducing remote work for all employees.

    Work is permitted on a permit basis, and employees may apply to come to work up to three days per week.

  • Telecommuting allowance

    For employees who work from home, the company provides a monthly subsidy of 10,000 yen to cover the cost of improving the Internet environment, etc.


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